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Our step by step guide to explain how to order furniture with us.

How to order our furniture?

Ordering furniture with us is super simple.
All you need to do is follow the three easy steps below.

To start you order, you have to send us an email with the furniture and accessories you want.


  1. Choose the items you want.
  2. Copy the PRODUCT ID below the pictures and paste it in an email.
  3. Add the quantity.

Let’s say you want to order ten of the first chair on our teak seats range.
You should write TF-S-BC-001 x 10 in your email.


Send us an email with the PRODUCT IDs and quantities at

Tell us where you live. We need to know where you want to receive the furniture.


We will email you back with a FREE quote in less than 48 hours.

We clear all the goods for export. For free!



After we agree with the quote, we will send you a sales contract.
After you sign this contract, we can start to produce your furniture.

To start the manufacturing we need a 50% Down Payment.


It takes us eight weeks to complete an order after we receive your deposit.
During all the production process, we will send you regular updates.

If you have any question, send us an email and we will answer in a matter of hours.


You need to pay us the 50% balance when we issue the shipping documents.

Once we get the payment confirmation, we will load the goods on the cargo.


Our Minimum Order Quantity is USD 15 000 (fifteen thousand us dollars) of mixed items.

We are a furniture manufacturer.
We sell to restaurants, hotels, and private customers.

About the Minimum Order Quantity for each item:

  • The MOQ for big items such as wardrobes or cabinets is one piece.
  • The MOQ for small items such as seats or home accessories is six pieces.

Figuring out the volume of your order is easy. Add up the CBM of each item you want.

We manufacture quality furniture from our factory in Jepara, Indonesia.
We are not a furniture retail store.
We are not a trader.
We are not an online furniture shop.

Our prices are FOB shipping point, freight collect.

  • We do all the paperwork.
  • We clear the goods for export.
  • We load the goods on the carrier.


You completed your oder.

We are here to help.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions.

Looking for answers? We hope our support page will help you find what you need.
Click on the questions below to discover the related answer.

about us icon


We are a furniture manufacturer.
We started our company in 2011. PT Umafindo is our registered company and My Own Bali is our brand.
More information about who we are.

The total size of our factory is 2 350 square meters.
Our factory has four main sections (assembling, finishing, packing, office) in four buildings.
We work hard to stay efficient and make the most of our space.

Our company grows on a steady path.
We now have 92 employees and we keep growing.
We always welcome new talents.

We manufacture all our furniture.
We are a manufacturer and not a retailer or a trader.
From the technical drawings to the assembling to the finishing to the packing, we do everything ourselves.
We want to keep total control on the quality we offer.

All the wood we use is legal and comes from sustainable forests.
We love Nature. Switzerland team of expert SGS issued our wood legality certificate.
You can see our wood legal certification here.
We want the next generation to live in a safe, clean and green environment.

We would be happy to welcome you and show you how we work.
Our manufacturing factory is located in Jepara Central Java, Indonesia.
The nearest airport is Semarang.
Tell us when you plan to come and we will organise you visit.

We would love to hear from you.
Please send us an email with a detailed explanation of what you need.
Remember, the more information we have the better we can answer.
For more flexibility, you can call us on +62-81325854100 or WhatsApp us on +62-81236135228.
We are fluent in English, French and Indonesian. We also understand and speak Spanish.
Order icon


Email us the exact list of items you are interested in.
You can browse our collections and write down the Product IDs listed below each picture you like. 
Don’t forget to add the quantities you need.
More information about how to order.

Our Minimum Order Quantity is fifteen thousands US dollars.
Our price condition is FOB and includes all taxes and fees in Indonesia. The USD 15 000 MOQ does not include the shipment to your destination country.
We advise you to add up to 28 CBM so you can take full advantage of a full 20ft container. For 40ft containers, you can add up to 58 CBM.

We are a manufacturer and do not sell retail quantities.
If you visit us, we would be happy to sell you accessories to bring back with you in the plane.

We specialize in custom-made design.
We can manufacture any item you like.
Send us pictures or drawings of the furniture you want us to manufacture.
Don’t forget to tell us the quantity you need.
After we receive your information, we will prepare the related price quote.

We can adapt all sizes and finishings to your needs.
Simply tell us the sizes you want and the finishing color you like.
Browse our collections and tell us what you need.

Our lead time depends on your order.
The production time depends on the quantity you order and the complexity of your designs.
Our standard lead time is 60 to 90 days after we receive the deposit payment.
shipment icon


We ship worldwide.
Please tell us were you live.
After we figure out where the nearest sea port is, we will ask for a shipment quote to our freight forwarder.

We work with international freight forwarders to provide the best shipping conditions.
Our prices are FOB. We take care of all the paperwork in Indonesia.
We arrange the shipment and help you release the container in your country.

Freight forwarders adjust the shipment costs every month.
The shipment cost depends on where you live, when you order and what volume you order.
We will prepare a shipping quote after we have all information.

payment icon


We start the production after we receive your 50% deposit payment.
The remaining 50% balance payment is due before we load your container.
During the production, we will keep you updated with pictures to show you the working process.

Our prices are FOB (Free On Board).
Our prices already include all taxes, legal documents and fees in Indonesia.
There is no hidden fees.

For orders above 30CBM or above usd 30 000, we offer a 10% discount on the website’s items.
We don’t offer discounts on custom-made items.
If you order more than tree containers per year, we offer an additional discount.

All our invoices are in USD (US dollar).
We don’t accept checks, bank checks or cash.
We only accept legal and transparent wire transfer.

Looking For Something Else?
Contact us to ask us if something remains unclear.


Look at the graphic below to choose the best shipping option for your furniture.

incoterms how to order furniture wholesale My Own Bali

People before profit.
When you are happy we are happy.
It’s that simple!

  • This is why we handle each quote ourselves.
  • We always update our prices.
  • We recommend the best shipping options.
  • We clear the goods for export. We offer all paperwork!

We offer all paperwork.
The paperwork we pay includes:

  • Bill of Lading.
  • THC.
  • Document fees.
  • ISPM stamp.
  • Fumigation (if needed).
  • SVLK.


  • CBM = Cubic Metre.
  • EXW = Ex Works.
  • B/L = Bill of Lading.
  • FCL = Full Container Load.
  • FOB = Free On Board.
  • ISPM = International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures.
  • LCL = Less-than-Container Load.
  • SVLK = Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu
    (System of Verification for the Wood Legality).
  • THC = Terminal Handling Charges.


contact us


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List all the items you are interested in and we will answer with a free quote.

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