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Traditional teak TV stands feature various wood grain finishes and stylish finishings.
Large homes and smaller apartments can benefit from the exotic and stunning look of our selection of teak TV stands.


teak tv stands

The traditional design of our premium teak tv stands will soon become the accent piece of your living room

Price: USD 536.25
Specifications: L200-D50-H66cm
CBM: 0.660
Product ID

As more people have upgraded to flat-panel televisions during the past decade they have now more rooms to store all entertainments features such as audio or video components and a full DVD collection in a single furniture item.

wooden furnishings

The wooden furnishings offer plenty of room to store your electronic items such as the TV, sound system or DVD collection

Price: USD 399.60
Specifications: L150-D45-H55cm
CBM: 0.450
Product ID

Our teak TV stands provide enough shelves for all media storage and TV equipments.

wooden tv racks

The pure lines and clean design of our wooden tv racks will match the rest of your existing home furnishings

Price: USD 401.70
Specifications: L160-D50-H50cm
CBM: 0.550
Product ID

Solid premium hardwood is the perfect option for your furnishings and allow your teak TV stand to be very durable.


furniture item

The beautiful carving or the furniture item is hand-made by master craftsmen from Indonesia

Price: USD 386.25
Specifications: L140-D60-H54cm
CBM: 0.460
Product ID

traditional teak tv stands

The traditional teak tv stands brings the best of asian cultural heritage in your home

Price: USD 387.50
Specifications: L120-D50-H50cm
CBM: 0.306
Product ID

wooden furnishings

With its stunning design and plenty of storage space, the wooden furnishings is both functional and sure to bring a sophisticated look to the living room

Price: USD 407.50
Specifications: L190-D57-H57cm
CBM: 0.680
Product ID

tv furniture

the natural qualities of teak wood ensure that your tv furniture will last for generations

Price: USD 365
Specifications: L140-D60-H54cm
CBM: 0.320
Product ID

furnishings piece

The minimal design of this furnishings piece will suit modern apartments and stylish offices

Price: USD 312.50
Specifications: L110-D50-H60cm
CBM: 0.370
Product ID

Racks and storage teak TV stands are tastefully coordinated to the rest of our traditional teak furniture.

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